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Founded in 1990, Goodfellow Environmental and Geological Services integrates environmental risk assessment and management, pollution prevention, regulatory compliance, and site cleanup services.  Our clients include wind power companies, the wine industry, commercial realtors, lawyers, bankers, the wood products and mining industries, and industrial and commercial property owners.  We provide personalized service with competitive costs.




Environmental Site Assessments:Phases 1, 2, & 3:  Phase 1 Assessments are the primary screening tool used to evaluate the environmental risk associated with real property.  The assessment evaluates current and past activities on and near the subject site that may have resulted in significant environmental impact to it.  Phase 2 and 3 assessments include subsurface soil and/or groundwater investigations to determine the actual environmental conditions present on the property.   Robert Goodfellow RG meets the qualification requirements of the new United States Environmental Protection Agency's "All Appropriate Inquiries" (AAI) regulations.  Our assessments meet or exceed the specifications of both ASTM and AAI standards.


Stormwater and Wastewater Management: Permitting; preparation of Storm Water Pollution Control Plans; development of best management practices programs; and pollution control planning. We can save you money by helping you develop and implement your own sampling program.


Contamination Investigations: Investigations designed to confirm if contamination is present, and to determine the type, magnitude, and extent of on-site contaminants.


Site Cleanup and Closure:  Comprehensive management for all phases of site cleanup and closure.  Emphasis is placed on cost-effective methods for site remediation, and risk-based management.  Services include preparing site closure reports for regulatory agencies to obtain a "no further action" designation for the site.


Solid Waste Landfill Management: Permit compliance assistance; development of Environmental Monitoring Plans; developing and managing groundwater and/or surface water monitoring programs (including environmental monitoring reports and creation of Permit Specific Concentration Limits); statistical analyses, and regulatory assistance.


Emergency Management:  Preparation and assistance with the implementation of Spill  Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans, and Facility Response Plans.  Services include development and execution of contingency plans.


Groundwater Management:  Designing and implementing groundwater monitoring programs, groundwater contamination remediation, groundwater sampling and evaluation, and regulatory assistance.


Geological Services: Instruction and teaching, geological mapping, geological reviews and studies, data evaluation, geological consulting, and well logging.


Regulatory Assistance:  Assistance with regulatory compliance and permitting.


Expert Witness ServicesEnvironmental and Geological expertise.




Goodfellow Environmental & Geological Services

273 Marion Lane - Eugene Oregon  97404

Telephone: (541) 689-2572   Email:

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